Service * Unit of measure Price **, UAH
1. Cleaning after repair or construction m2  
2. General cleaning m2 from 10
3. Everyweek cleaning m2  
4. Everyday cleaning on contract base m2  
5. Cleaning of windows    
5.1. Slight contamination inside m2  
5.2. Slight contamination from outside m2  
5.3. Significant contamination inside m2  
5.4. Significant contamination from outside m2  
6. Cleaning of facades and signage m2  
7. Carpet and flooring dry-cleaning    
7.1. small area m2  
7.2. large area m2  
8. Dry-cleaning sofas    
8.1. little 1 sitting place  
8.2. many 1 sitting place  
9. Dry-cleaning armchairs    
9.1. little 1 sitting place  
9.2. many 1 sitting place  
10. Dry-cleaning office chairs piec  
11. Dry-cleaning chairs    
11.1. little piec  
11.2. many piec  
12. Dry-cleaning mattresses piec  
13. Stain removal 10 cm2  
14. Dry-cleaning of car interiors piec  
15. Dry-cleaning of baby car seats piec  
16. Lawn mowing m2  

*Standard list of works that include specific services, you can find under “Services”.

** Prices for services vary depending on the level of contamination and the object area. The exact cost of the work, you can find out only after the direct evaluation manager. Travel manager at the facility within the Lviv city – FREE.