Cleaning after repair or construction (Lviv)

Well, you can face it, for sure, or you can rely on your cleaning lady. Although, after this kind of cleaning, сліди ремонту will remain for a long time. There might be damaged spots left after not professional cleaning.

After professional cleaning you won`t be able to find such areas. You will safe your new surfaces.

Professional cleaning after renovations includes using of professional machines and cleaning засобів by specially-skilled staff. It’s guarantees high quality of provided services.

The after renovation cleaning process includes:

  • Getting rid of construction debris and demolition waste
  • Removing building dust from walls and floor
  • Tile and grouting washing
  • Bathroom fixtures cleaning
  • Cleaning of heaters, pipes, window sills and ventilation grills
  • Cleaning and polishing of glass and mirror surfaces ( including windows)
  • Door and door cases cleaning.
  • Cleaning of ceiling lamps, brackets, etc.
  • Moist mopping of water-resistant surfaces and floor
  • Agreeing with your on above mentioned amount of work. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with our work.

If you want, we can also provide services below (for a additional payment)

  • Exportation of construction debris
  • Dry cleaning of furniture
  • Dry cleaning of fitted carpets and flooring

Using services of a cleaning company "Prybyrach", you receive a clean placement in a short period of time. You save your time and efforts. We satisfy you with a result of our work!

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