Cleaning of adjacent territory (Lviv)

Company "Prybyrach" provide with services with cleaning adjacent territory- the area near a house and parking lots.

Cleaning your area in summer time includes:

  • Sweeping of passable, paths, area near the entrance and lawns.
  • Litter box cleaning, trash bag replacement
  • Lawn mowing ( you can order as an additional service)

Cleaning your area in winter time includes:

  • Passable cleaning, close area and parking area form snow.
  • Salt or sand sprinkling on passables (your choice)
  • Snow exportation to a special appropriate for this area.

If you use our services, you save your money and energy and you get satisfaction from the result!

For ordering a service for "Cleaning of adjacent territory" in Lviv. Call us at +38 (032) 123-45-67 or email us at