Everyday cleaning on contract base (Lviv)

Contract based cleaning of offices, shops, banks, cafes etc became a quite normal thing to do and order for successful companies. And no wonder, in this case, administration exempt from extra efforts in looking for work staff and controlling the whole process.

If there is still a cleaning lady in work staff, you might experience some issues like not being satisfied with her work. Sometimes you spend YOUR time remedying her how and where she needs to clean. Moreover, you spend YOUR time on buying abstergent and fixing equipment.

If you use our services, you get benefits from us:

  • You save your time and money. Having a contract with us. you get a team of professionals, who know how to keep everything clean. They know then is the exact time for the next cleaning, washing carpets etc.
  • Specialists can focus on their work without distracting for other things. You are free from taking care about salary reports for cleaning staff, transferring money and paying it, looking for work staff all the time etc.
  • You are free from routine duty and you have an opportunity to become more creative in making decisions and work.
  • We guarantee stable control of quality during out contract

Everyday contract base cleaning opens next options:

  • Everyday cleaning of your placements in convenient for you time.
  • Keeping the order during work time of your company

The process of everyday cleaning on a contract base includes:

  • Dry and wet cleaning of furniture, window sills and other surfaces
  • Dust removing from office machines, appliances and equipment
  • Dust removing from small parts and accessories
  • Cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces
  • Cleaning of toilets, sinks and taps
  • Bath and shower washing (if any)
  • Cleaning of kitchen equipment – inside and outside (if any)
  • Combination of dry and wet floor cleaning
  • Replacement of trash bags
  • Trash disposal

If you want, we can also provide services below (for a additional payment)

  • Dust removing from ceiling and wall lamps etc
  • Vacuum cleaning of furniture
  • Window and glass washing
  • Provision of materials like: liquid soap, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic bags etc

Using services of a cleaning company "Prybyrach", you receive a clean placement in a short period of time. You save your time and efforts. We satisfy you with a result of our work!

For ordering a service for "Every day cleaning on contract base" in Lviv. Call us at +38 (032) 123-45-67 or email us at